10 Things I'd Rather Download than your 2MB Web Page

Websites are getting extra beefy and clunky these days. The new average size of a single web page in 2014 is just under 2MB. Like 200× bigger than, ya know, back in the day. That's a big honkin' web page; most of which is big pictures, custom fonts, and carousels.

I think I can do better with any one of these 10 things:

  1. 3 eBooks of any Terry Pratchett Discworld novel

  2. 4 funny cat videos from Vime (OK, they probably won't be that funny*)

  3. A radio-quality MP3 of almost any non-remix version of any song by Beck

  4. A file big enough to break the Atom editor

  5. A nice retina photo of my dog for my laptop background

  6. Two copies of a file with info about all the zip codes in the USA (the list is less than 1MB zipped)

  7. 30 old school Nintendo® games (ROM sizes are usually ~64K)

  8. 2 mildly amusing Flash games (yeah, Flash)

  9. Three copies of a list of all 267,756 legal Scrabble® words (the SOWPODS word list is only 700K zipped)

  10. 600 copies of my own web app framework (uncompressed ~35K)

OK, I couldn't resist on that last one. I'm only human.

Seriously though

If you're looking for more info on this epidemic and some solutions to tame the bloat, I have a more serious post you might find useful.

What would you rather download than a 2MB web page?

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