Letting Go of Node.js

TL;DR version: I'm a JavaScript snob who's now learning Go (http://golang.org) and plans to drop Node.js. I'll be sharing my learnings here in the coming weeks.

Why Dave... why?!

I love JavaScript. I've been a huge advocate (both figurative and literal) of this quirky language since 1995. And for the past ten years I've been focused on using JavaScript for app development for the browser, wrapped in some native app, or installed directly as first class citizens on certain web-centric operating systems like Chrome OS, BlackBerry 10, Tizen, FireFox OS and webOS. I've even written a few JavaScript app frameworks, including Jo app framework which I open sourced in 2009.

I was an early advocate of JavaScript on the command line (remember Rhino?) and even as a web server (Helma). When Node.js came out, I was a big fan (again, both literal and figurative), but