Ginger Ale Taste-Off 2015

Ginger beer (or brew or ale) is my favorite drink. I'm not talking about that Canada Dry crap. I want something with a strong ginger flavor, good fizz and that awesome burning sensation you get in your throat after.

Ann gave me an awesome birthday gift of a dozen different bottle brands to sample, and I thought I'd share the fun.

Fentiman's Traditional Ginger Beer

A smooth ginger drink with a hint of pear that leaves a great burn.

The taste is really good, but I wish it had a little more fizz. That said, the bottle rarely left my hands until I'd drank it all.

Taste: 5
Burn: 5
Fizz: 2
Rank: 2

Licensed by Fentimans from the UK and bottled for North America in Canada.

Red Rock Golden Ginger Ale

Billed as having "Just the Right Bite!™", this fizzy ginger drink has a touch of cream soda


Adventures with Microsoft’s IE9 Preview

Ok, I’ve been keeping an eye on this, and with the recent preview 6, there are still some big missing pieces in their CSS3 support:

  • CSS3 gradients
  • Flexible box model
  • Text shadow

Plus, on the JavaScript side, I have yet to be able to get any CSS transforms working, though the way to detect them seems to be:

if ( !== 'undefined')  

In short, it seems to have relative parity with Opera 10 as far as cool-yet-useful CSS3 features. Keep going, Microsoft, I’m totally cheering for you!


Apple's iPad is like Basic Cable

I’ll snag most any interesting gadget under $500, so I forked over some more cash to Apple to check it out. I love the large touch screen and the form factor of the device. I’ve bought and downloaded a bunch of apps and tried very hard to find a justification for buying this shiny toy, but it just doesn’t cut it.

Before I get into it, realize that I would be considered an Apple fan by any casual observer. Over the years I’ve purchased: two MacBook Pro laptops, two MacBook laptops, two Mac Mini desktops, five or six Apple keyboards, a few Apple mice, three iPhones (including one 3Gs), two iPads (one as a gift), six iPod models and an iPod Touch for good measure. When the iPhone came out, I was the only idiot I knew who paid $800 for a phone, and spent almost